[ENG] Start the REXUS / BEXUS Campaign 2016

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img_8717Participation in the program REXUS/BEXUS- conducted bt the German Center for Aeronautics and Astronautics (DLR), the Swedish Space Agency (Rymdstyrelsen) together with the European Space Agensy (ESA), Mobile Missile (DLR MORABA), Center for Space Technology Applied microgarvity (ZARM) and the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC)- experiment BuLMA Ballon micro LifeForm-and-Meteorite Assembler was raised 5th October at 3.33pm in a special ballon Zodiac 12 mission BEXUS’22 into the stratosphere. The main gondola were other experiments- STRATONAV from Italy( Navigation in the stratosphere using a VOR) and TDP-3 Vanguard (tests the communication system in the S-band for satellite MOV-II) and LOTUS D (optical navigation) from Germany.


The first day in spaceport nerar Kiruna in Sweden, the group involved in integration all parts in a laminar flow,  the vapors of isopropanol and UV-light. Members were working in a laminar air flow to maintain the sterility of the experiment. Disinfected parts which came to Kiruna from Polish Decontamination Group. They were mounted in the chamber in the vapors of isopropanol and UV light. All this type of security were aimed at maintaining sterility-so that the aerodynamic cyclone didn’t get anything earthly, and only the first cosmic creation. Praca w komorze laminarnej, w oparach izopropanolu i w świetle UV.


The BuLMA team made not only integration in Esrange Space Center, we had to carry about our tests process. We installed BuLMA experiment in gondola of the ballon, and testes main communication and functioning of each experiment. For BuLMA’S first test was the integration of the main gondola (M-eGON)- we checked the mechanical interface. Then, when connected to a nitrogen cylinder( for avoiding contamination of the air), we checked whether the operation of all pumping air is correct. Later, all four experiment mission BEXUS’22, included them all to once, just to saw if the didn’t interface with easch other their work. During the test everyone was stressed, we tried to avoid any hazards. Summarizing, everything was preparing for the final launch.


Balloon after a maximum filling gas in the stratosphere had a volume of 35,000 m3, and its total weight was 784 kg. Same charge weighed just 184 kg. The mission ended in Finland, where after about 5 hours of flight were cut payload from the balloon. The height of rose BEXUS 22 in steady flight, the 32700 m. In contrast to the mission of stratospheric sent by students from Section balloon SKA gondola BEXUS-and, going into the flight established, remained for a long time at a constant height – meteorological latex balloons, used by SB SKA, after reaching the maximum ceiling immediately burst, ushering phase of the rally on the ground.


After the arrical of the gondola BEXUS to the resort Esrange team members BuLMA again worked under laminar flow chamber, where they took the cyclones aerodynamic experiment in which the desposited dust and micrometeorites. Secured filters, filters and magnet placed in a special screw-capped tubes (ie. Kodningach) which are then passed on to the Department of the University of Warsaw. At the end of 2016, we expected to get the first results of microbiological analyzes of the collected materials. BuLMA team eargerly wait the result of research 🙂

The aim of the mission was catching micrometeorites, dust particles and microorganisms. The organisms that live in the stratosphere are so different from those that live on the Earth, it can be considered properly as completely different species, or even different forms of life. Bending a little we can say that we are looking for aliens. Observing during dissection cyclones aerodynamic elements capture was easy to notice them any clues. I hope that the fact we captured something otherworldly – team leader Thomas A. Miś

Drużyna BuLMY na kosmodromie Esrange – Kacper Maciszewski, Tomasz A. Miś, Emilia Węgrzyn, Iwo Koryciński, Mateusz Płonka, Adrian Nowakowski i Piotr Rugor (w Polsce czekali: Kamil Jasiński, Paula Gajewska i Patryk Mierzejewski).