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The project BuLMA get the possibility in the second stage of the competition Juvenes Pro Scientific Project of the Year :).naukowy-projekt-roku-102x300


Project of the Year category disrected to do active students performing science projects. The project muts be a scientific, innovative research. The criteria that determine admision to do teh second stage of scientific value, innovative/originality of the project, numerous recipients. The second stage of the competition Pro Juvenes is to vote by Internet. Therefore, we ask for help in collecting votes 🙂
Under the given link in the About Pro Juvenes -> voting-> Scientific Project of Year ( O Pro Juvenes-> Głosowanie -> Innowacyjny Projekt Roku) can give votes for BuLMA experiment.

Naukowy projekt roku

Time only into 04.11.2016 8.30 pm.


Thanks for Your help 🙂
Team BuLMA