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One phase of REXUS/BEXUS Campaign is IPR ( Integration Process Review). Team met with specialists. Our IPR was 21 July, in training was Stefan Krämer  from SSC (Swedish Space Corporation and our mentor Philipp Hager from ESA/ESTEC.

Tour of the workshop



Stefan Krämer is a Program Manager REXUS/BEXUS. He took part in REXUS/BEXUS ’11 Campaign with a project ADIOS- ADvanced Isolation On Sounding rockets. Philip is our mentor. He helps us to cooperate work, thermal analyses our experiment.


The meeting  was created for sum up points which was done by team and talk about integration experiment.  In first part, we made a short presentation, in which out leader (Tomasz) presented history of experiment, status of parts, Watching some printed in 3Dfuture plan, results of tests. Next, we discussed with specialists about problems which we have. Also, we analyzed precisely results of our work. Additionally,
guests asked us lot of questions to know more about our work, experiment and potential problems. We know more how make experiment safer from damages and external interferences.


Tour of the workshop



We didn’t spend all time on work. In break we went to eat famous potatoes in Groole. We had time to talk about different things that project. After eating, we gave your guests tours through our laboratories. We showed a vacuum chamber, a climate chamber, workshop, electronic workshop, peace circles and places of interest in the Institute of Heat Engineering of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering. After that, we came back to the hall of the Faculty Council shared by the Dean MEiL-for the time being IPR. At the end of the training we got valuable and accurate guidance what we have to go and deadline this things. Specialists told us same word of criticism, which mobilized us from harder work.Tour of the workshop

In evening we showed Stefan and Philipp the Old Town and the most important place in Warsaw. When we guided we had time to talk more about astronautics and space engineering. We hope that next time we can show more beautiful and worth seeing places. Now, BuLMA TEAM have to go work. We are filling the lists of points to do before next meeting. We will soon start a REXUS/BEXUS Campaign.


BuLMA Team with Stefan Krämer and Philipp Hager.